Hello Boss Babes,

You will of undoubtedly noticed the lack of activity on my social media and website of late! 

Well finally I am back!



This last year has been a real roller-coaster with relocating, lots of personal changes and my partner leaving the army not to mention the re-branding of my blog and boutique it's been pretty non stop!

I just wasn't happy with the direction things were heading before I took a step back.

I put so much time and passionate energy into setting up Unique I didn't want to totally give up on my dream. My vision was met with a lot of disappointments along the way and clouded my direction and what I wanted to achieve!

So rather than give up totally, I decided that whilst relocating I would take a step back, reassess the situation, research some more and learn from my mistakes (mistakes are part of the journey!) and come back with a clear head.

Now (2 weeks before my 40th birthday) I've got my mojo back and I'm ready to be a boss babe once again. Relaunching is kind of like a present to myself.

I've got fresh ideas, vibrant energy and I can't wait to interact and share with you my new ideas, tips, musings and amazing products!

Long standing Unique followers will of noticed I have gotten rid of the clothing side! This just was not working for me! I still love fashion and style and will blog about this from time to time and maybe even sell the odd fashion item - however selling clothes online became an absolute nightmare! 

It was so hard to find suppliers you can rely on! Deliveries would turn up with stock missing, damaged or nothing like the items you had ordered and were given the run around when trying to get things rectified.

I was getting clothing returned from customers that had blatantly been worn or r damaged when trying on! I checked all of my clothing meticulously when coming in stock and out! It's very hard in most cases to have a leg to stand on in these situations so you just have to suck it up. 

Something I found even more frustrating were the amount of girls or 'influencers' online that behaved very unprofessionally! It was shocking - something I think social media needs to look into and work to reduce!!

I received constant messages from girls telling how much they love my brand (they've probably not even visited my website, read anything about me or my brand, liked any of my social media posts or even followed me, just seen me on IG and see a potential for free stuff!).

They then hound you for products and clothing only never to respond to you once you've sent out a package to them and either do a very half hearted attempt at posting something online to promote your brand months later.

All they really care about is 'free stuff' rather than working with you and supporting your brand long term, which would actually benefit them too in the long term!

I have even had reasonably well known IG influencers disappear off of the face of the earth once receiving items only to be blocked by them when chasing them to deliver the collaboration!!! Like wt... 

These were supposed to people who supported brands and help build a community! Not shaft them!

Not all influencers are like that! I was lucky enough to work with some lovely, genuine Ladies who loved what they did and took care and pride in their work! 

Most of the time however, I was basically just giving away stock with nothing in return. I would probably of had a better response from handing out free goodies in the street!

Oh and not to mention rogue agencies and scammers! Also top agencies letting you down last minute and magazines screwing you over in favour of bigger names and brands! It was brutal!

I lost hundreds of pounds doing this and couldn't continue to waste time and money so things had to change. It really got me down and I wasn't able to let my creative side flourish or bring my brand to life in the way I had envisaged.

Now I have run my own successful businesses since 2000 so this isn't unfamiliar territory and I didn't go into this blind. I have entrepreneurial blood running through my veins (thank's Dad!), but stepping into a slightly different industry was a whole different ball game! Business is one thing, industries are quite another! I've also been used to dealing with fellow businessmen and women who follow through on agreements. Even though working in the photography and modelling world, including running my own studio - fashion and beauty was not a million miles away from my norm.

I did my research but the reality of doing something is very different to the idealistic view about how it is going to be in your mind!  My initial plan didn't quite go to plan but hey, I learned so much from it!! That's part of being an entrepreneur, you never fail, you just LEARN! You grow and you come back stronger!

Now I'm armed and ready to rock Scorpio style!

I found myself in the middle of quite a shallow, narcissistic world of people solely interested in how they look and everything being about them. That isn't what I am about, that isn't what business is about! And not what I want to promote or encourage! I know that may sound like a contradiction given my blog and business is all about beauty & looks.

I wanted (and still do) to inspire people, spread positive vibes and encourage people to make better choices to make themselves feel good! Not just look good! Share tips that have worked for me over the years and especially things in hindsight I wish I had known many years ago to keep ageing at bay or extra pounds off of my hips!

I have even only very recently found something so amazing with regards to dropping a few pounds and it wont cost you a penny nor is it a fad diet! (I'll do a blog post on this soon!)

I'm always getting asked questions about my lifestyle, beauty routines so I thought I'd set up this blog to share these things with you.

I have so many blogs to share with you and hope you will find interesting as well as useful and you never know, some of the things that have worked for me over the years may work for you too!

The products I sell on Unique I use every day or on a regular basis and completely swear by them! I only sell products I totally believe in! And will only ever sell products I personally use!

The Dreamweave brand has been with me since the very beginning of Unique's birth 3 years ago and I am still yet to find anything that comes close to these products including high end brands! I have been using Dreamweave Masacara for years now!!

Since discovering Lip Voltage 3 years ago I have become a total addict! I use it all the time - much to my lovely others dismay. He calls it 'the burny stuff'..haha. He always pauses before he kisses me now to make sure I am not wearing it!!

OK, I have rambled on enough now and I am not writing an essay and have lots of blog posts to write! I am just excited to be back.

If you are still reading this far, thank you so much!

Rebecca xxx

P.S Keep doing you!!