What's in a logo?

What’s in a logo?

Whilst going through my re-branding process on more than one occasion the advice I was given was “change your logo” and I fully understand why.

However my logo is very meaningful to me, perhaps I shouldn’t be so emotionally attached to something business related and I’m sure there are many top gurus cringing at that statement and recoiling in disgust whilst shouting no, no, NO!

That’s just how it is though! A very close friend's little brother designed this for me whilst he was in his final year at uni studying marketing & design. 

He used me as a case study in his final year. We worked together on some designs & marketing techniques to help each other and so Jarek could gain some experience in working with a company.

I kind of like how we were both in the early stages of our future career paths - so to me & Jarek it was more than ‘just being a logo’ it was the start of something bigger to come.

It’s very simple. I still really like it so for now the logo stays! 

Unique Boutique UK

I hope you like hearing a little bit more about Unique’s journey in the early days.

Maybe you can even relate to this or something similar? I’d love to hear your stories and opinions too.

Comment below if you have something to share with me. I will try and respond to all comments.

R xxx