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        Dreamweave Colorgenics - Melting Mix Lip Paints - Coded Prisim - Chambermade

        WHAT'S TO LOVE?    Brand new Colorgenics with its award winning formulation by DW & Co. A non drying, high pigmented gel formulation that locks colour and moisture for a long lasting, smooth satin finish. Super pigmented, doesn’t fade or bleed, non -drying, feels weightless on the lips. With its liquescent satin finish and moisture locking formulation, you can create a...

        Colorgenics Red to Pink - Dreamweave Chamber Made Lip Gloss

        WHAT'S TO LOVE?Colorgenics Red to PinkDreamweave & Co - ‘Colorgenics’ - Chamber Made LipglossColorgenics Chamber Made Red to PinkFollowing a $21 milllion upgrade on pump and formulation, bringing Colorgenics up to 2016 spec.Seven pre selected mixing chambersCoats lips in just one strokeHigh pigmented lip colour creates a high gloss shineNo tackiness, bleeding or featheringFormulated with antioxidents and vitamin E, to...