Hey everyone it’s me, Rebecca. The imagination 💭 behind the blog and boutique.

Rebecca Speed

So who am I? I’m just a girl who has a curious mind and loves learning and exploring life.

This little corner of the web is home to my beauty and wellness musings where I share my experiences, thoughts and scientific facts on all of the things that have helped me look good and feel great about myself.

I’m 44 and from the UK. I grew up in South Africa in the 80's which was an incredible experience and influenced my outlook to life in many ways.

I will always enjoy photography but I felt the time was right after twenty years as a professional model to retire and close my studio in 2023.

I'm very excited about developing my new projects and interests including my blog and am confident that 2024 will be a great year with lots of new adventures. 

           Rebecca Speed Rebecca Speed

I love nature and animals. I have 2 dogs 🐶🐶 a very sweet 16 year old Yorkie and a young Dutch Shepherd who’s incredibly mischievous but very intelligent and a great protector and guardian. 

I love taking them on quiet countryside walks and teaching them new things! My Yorkie also knows her commands in Polish!!

When it comes to beauty and wellness in general I think less is more. Confidence is the real beauty!!! This is something I will talk a lot about on my blog.

What’s key to looking and feeling good is really understanding how your body works. Everything we do from eating, sleeping, our hormones and even the thoughts we think have a physiological effect on our bodies! 

I like products and treatments that I can use at home or on the go that I can fit around my lifestyle and commitments - and that make a noticeable difference in my beauty routines and life. 

I only use, sell and promote products I genuinely like and use or have used and will use again. 

I get so many compliments and questions about different things I do so why not share them here with you 🥰

I’ve always enjoyed helping others and seeing people happy and thriving. Check out my company ethos for more about how as a business I want to help others. Sharing is caring 🙌🏼

 Rebecca Speed


Much love 🫶🏼 Rebecca 💖

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