My Company Ethos

Authenticity and transparency are at the very core of UB to build trust with our audience, customers and collaborators.

I believe in innovation, typically when people think of innovation they think of improving what's "out there" I believe that improving yourself is innovation - improving yourself will improve what's out there! Make yourself Unique in this way!

Positively encouraging others to make better choices. Understanding themselves, educating and inspiring to build a better, stronger and more confident version of you! 

Confident people are happy people and happy people radiate high vibrational energy and I want to see more of that in the world. 

Unique Boutique UK Ethos

I want to avoid the culture of attracting haters by making controversial statements online which appears is the new form of success. You don't build yourself up by bringing others down! 

Tapping into peoples insecurities to get ahead in life is the exact opposite of what I stand for. 

I'm totally flipping that narrative here and building people up, arming them with tools to help build their self confidence, embrace their true identity so they don't feel they have to hide themselves, only enhance themselves.

We talk so much about "positivity" and "be kind" yet so many actions, especially online do the exact opposite of this! 

This is a very safe space, everything here will only ever come from a place of good intention to help you grow.

Respect, care, understanding and integrity are always practiced no matter your age, gender, sexuality, race or religion. I want everyone to win and there's room for everyone at the top! 

I always believe in putting words into actions.

Help me change the way we want the world to be. Together we are so much stronger!

It's my desire to give back to those who need help whether that's simply raising awareness about topics or donating time and gifts to charities and organisations via the sale of products available on the website.

The more we grow the more we give! Simple! Sharing is caring! 

We are so much more than just a beauty boutique that sells makeup! 

Let's spread love and kindness wherever we go!