Bubble Trouble - Lip Voltage Quick Chamber Fix

Hey everyone,

I thought I'd write this blog post because I get frequent messages from my lovely customers about this.

The scenario goes something like this...

You order your Lip Voltage lip plumper! 

You wait excitedly for it to arrive after hearing so much about its amazing lip plumping capabilities.

It's here!! Time to plump.


At least once a week I will receive messages from customers that are disappointed that their Lip Voltage isn't dispensing the formula.


Don't panic! I promise it IS working! This is normal and easily fixed....


These pesky little bubbles are stopping the formula from pumping out... 


If you hold the tube with the nozzle facing downwards and watch the bubbles fall down to the end of the tube....



The pump the chamber slowly and firmly leaving the button pressed down for a few seconds each time, release then slowly pump and hold down again. The formula will start to flow through the chamber.

It's easy to get frustrated and pump like crazy repeatedly thinking this will help the formula come out. All it does is create lots of smaller bubbles because air is trapped in the chamber. The smaller bubbles just fizz up and stop your Lip Voltage from working.



Once the bubbles have fallen to the bottom of the chamber and some of the air is out of the tube the formula will start coming through and you're good to go!

Apply and watch your lips grow!

It tends to do this with the clear formula because the consistency is lighter than the creamy formula - one quick way to check if your chamber is working is switch it onto the lowest settings and slowly press to see if the formula pumps out.

Over the last 3 years I have only ever seen 2 defective Lip Voltage dispensers out of hundreds and hundreds of tubes!

Lip Voltage is made with the highest care and strictest quality control methods in place for customer satisfaction.

I hope this helps!

Please share your Lip Voltage results as I always love seeing them!


Rebecca x x

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