May Mantras for You 🕉️

May Mantras 🕉️ for you - use these as your daily dose of inspiration 💫
May is for levelling up and being a go-getter - achieving all that you deserve.

🤍 “Where there’s a will there’s a way”. 

It’s time to innovate and take action. Take the lead in your life.  
Set your goals, intentions and ambitions on fire! 🔥
Find new pathways on your journey and forge ahead with that go-getting energy - create your own path if necessary and remove any obstacles in your path.

🤍 “What the mind believes the body achieves”.

 Shift your perspective into a “can do attitude” this month. Recognise and focus on your strengths. Commit to yourself - find solutions to problems, tweak your plans, streamline your approach to the things you need to do and cultivate your dreams into action. 
Be disciplined make things happen this month. Don’t give up! 💪

🤍 “Energy goes where attention flows” 

Prioritise your health 🍏 self-care 💆‍♀️ and finding your daily rhythm 💃
Create the life you love by letting go of anything that no longer supports your vision for your future.
Prioritising health and self-care will help all other aspects of your life.

🤍 “Success comes in many different forms”. 

Not everyone is chasing Lamborghini’s. Stay true to your own definition of success! Don’t deceive yourself into self-sabotage by comparing yourself to others.
Be enthusiastic about all your endeavours. Embrace self-expression, creativity and learn new things 🤓
You must make and bake that bread there are no shortcuts to success!
Investing in yourself, learning new skills and upgrading your knowledge and mindset is also important and a form of self-care!!

🤍 “A change is as good as a rest”.

Refocus - check in with your routines and structure throughout the day/week.
Do you need to upgrade your daily activities? Change the structure of your day? Create new habits, routines and rituals?
This applies to all aspects of life, hobbies, health and business.
It’s easy to get stuck in cycles without even thinking about it. 
Sometimes we need to shake things up 💥to increase our energy and passion for life. Break out of old habits and allow for innovative ideas, growth and change to come in.
Where have you evolved and outgrown?
Find new and exciting ways to revamp areas of your life and bring things back into alignment with where you want to go.
Find others who inspire and encourage you as well as being your own source of inspiration.

🤍 “Leave the world in a better place than you found it”.

Be bold, be ferocious 🦁 and relentless in every way when it comes to chasing your dreams, but always play by the rules!
You can be both strong and determined and yet have compassion and grace in your actions especially towards others 🕊️ Connection always wins! 🫶🏼

I hope that you find peace and happiness in the month ahead and that May brings you closer to the life you deserve to live.

Rebecca 💖 

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