The Power of Positive Thinking and the Science 🧬 Behind It

Hey beautiful people, 

Let us dive straight into today’s feel-good topic. This is something I have been enthusiastic about learning and implementing into my daily life for many years now. It is a continual process and tool I use for my personal growth and has helped me overcome many of life's challenges.

Did you know that there is far more to positive thinking than it simply being a term we use in society today?

There is a lot of research and studies in neuroscience to back this! 🤓

Our thoughts, beliefs, and actions can influence the formation of new neural pathways and strengthen existing ones.

Having positive thoughts can reinforce neural pathways associated with confidence, motivation, and resilience.

This is also true in reverse, negative thoughts can lead to decreased motivation, self-doubt, and avoidance behaviour.

Another fact for you! Did you know that belief increases dopamine?! Feeling positive about something triggers the release of dopamine in your brain 🧠 

This then boosts your motivation and your confidence 🥰

The more you believe in yourself, the more action you take bringing you closer to your goals.

Our brains naturally seek information that confirms our existing beliefs. When you believe you can achieve something, you are more likely to notice and focus on opportunities and information that support that belief 🧐

Our thoughts and beliefs can influence our actions and behaviours in negative or positive ways.

A positive attitude can lead to increased motivation, effort, and perseverance, which can contribute to success 🏆

So, start focusing more on your positive self, push past your negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. 

Start recognising your thought patterns, be conscious of what you are thinking about and stop negative self-talk before your mind allows it to take over and control you, hindering your progress. Turn off the negative voice in your head and divert your attention to something positive. Consciously tell yourself to stop! ✋

Your brain can rewire itself; your thoughts and actions shape this process. By consistently focusing on your desires, you can build stronger neural pathways that support their manifestation.

Our brain is constantly changing and adapting throughout our lives. Our thoughts, beliefs, and actions can influence the formation of new neural pathways and strengthen existing ones.

Align your mindset with your actions and bring your vision into life 💪🏼💫

Do not let your thoughts limit your ability to progress in life.

This takes time and practice to develop but when you become more self-aware and focused on your thoughts you can really change your life and become a stronger, better, and more confident version of yourself. It is easy to let self-doubt takeover if you allow it!

Best of all it takes nothing other than time and effort to make these changes. It is an ongoing process. The more you practice the easier and better it gets.

Visualise the life you want and the person you want to be. Your brain's visual cortex lights up just like it would if you were actually experiencing it 🤩

This strengthens neural pathways, priming you to recognise and seize opportunities that you might not otherwise recognised.

Our thoughts and beliefs really do influence our reality. They are incredibly powerful 💪🏼

You can manifest your thoughts into action by aligning them with your visions moving you forward and closer to your goals. 

Start your journey today by simply visualising your success in life. Then start taking small steps in the right direction 👣

Be intentional with your thought and actions and practice the power of positive thinking and watch your life slowly begin to change. 

Whatever you want to accomplish, you CAN do it with the right mindset. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t ever feel negative emotions or avoid difficult situations, it is important to navigate these when they arise but doing so in a positive way allows us to move through them much easier than ending up on a downward spiral which is harder to pull yourself out of.

Practicing a positive approach to how you manage negative situations is important and makes an incredible difference. It lightens the stress and makes it easier to cope with. 

It is not always easy, but practice makes perfect.

Do not be discouraged if you encounter negative attitudes of other people. Recognise their self-limiting beliefs and do not let them influence your life. 🙅‍♀️ 

Switch off the noise around you and ignore any negativity on and offline! 🙈🙉

Pay attention to what you feed your mind as this has a huge effect on your mood and can impact your mind in good and bad way without even realising as you scroll through social media.

Sometimes negative emotions like stress and anxiety 😖 are signals that something is not right and needs changing. Listen to these internal cues.

If something does not align with your future, remove it! Including your own self-doubt. Sometimes the only thing that is standing in the way of your progress are your own fears!

Remember “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

Start believing in yourself and adopting the power of positive thinking.

Thank you so much for reading  📖 

With love and respect 🫶🏼

Rebecca 💖 

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