Meet the face behind Unique.

Who am I?

I ask myself that question every day! Ha!

I don't want Unique to be a faceless entity. I want to personally connect and engage with you.

Business is largely about trust and I want every blog reader, customer and potential customer to have trust & reassurance in me and the Unique brand!

I've been let down so many times since starting Unique, there are so many rogue websites and businesses online today so this is REALLY important to me that you have confidence not only the products I sell but myself and Unique as a brand.

I'm proud of what I have achieved with Unique so far and excited for where we want to go in future and hope you will be part of our journey.

I believe I the products I promote, whether they are products I sell or just use and recommend. My posts are honest. I am very much my brand!

A little bit about me.

 Rebecca Unique Boutique UK

My name is Rebecca. I'm 40 in 2 weeks time! Like how did that happen!!!

I was a full time professional model in the 00's (long before social media really took off or phones had quality cameras) and ran a photo-studio (which I still own). 

Rebecca - Unique Boutique UK

I love all things relating to style, beauty, make-up, well-being and fitness. Anything that makes you look and FEEL good.

I regularly get asked how I stay in shape and complimented on my looks or style.

I then came up with the idea of Unique. I wanted to blog and share with you my passion and tips for wellness (I'm not a professional so I can't advise you personally on what to do, I can share with you what has worked for me though) and source a small range of amazing products that I personally use and highly recommend.

I also love all things business, dogs, travelling and motivational memes and positive affirmations too - you will probably also see a lot of these on my social media! I love spreading positive vibes!

At the moment I am the only full time member of Unique with the occasional aid of my lovely other half when things get a little manic. 

I have so many awesome things I wish to share with you over time and can't wait to hear your thoughts too.

This post has given you a little insight into who we are and what we are about.

If you have any questions I am always happy to answer them.

R xxx