Dreamweave Magnegenics Mascara

Dreamweave Magnegenics Mascara is a silicone based formulation similar to Lash Magnet replacing the old Fibregenics Mascara.

It lengthens, thickens and defines your lashes creating a glamorous false lash look as with the older Fibregenics, only better!

It does not contain the tiny fibers so it effortlessly glides on and coats your lashes.

Using a new sweeping bristle brush the product sits on the brush rather than in the plastic teeth like Lash Magnet and Lash Construct.

You can create a more thickening and defined look to the lashes, with the mascara being a thicker silicone formulation.

This is my go to mascara for a glamorous false lash look 💁🏻‍♀️

Watch the short video below to see some of the amazing benefits Magnegenics mascara has to offer.

As an authorised online retailer you can purchase Dreamweave Magnegenics mascara through my online boutique here.

You can see much more about all Dreamweave beauty products on my Instagram page @UniqueBoutiqueUK if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them send me a DM or email me via my website here.

Rebecca xo

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