My first ever purchase of Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara

You'll never guess what I found!

I was going through my old content the other day and I found this!! My first ever purchase of Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara back in 2013!!!! 😱 long before I even had the idea of setting up my online boutique 🛍

My friend Jess - a makeup artist recommended it to me. She was really enthusiastic about how this mascara was like no other mascara.

I had heard this many times with mascara products being so absolutely wonderful and much better than X, Y and Z but always felt they were all much of a muchness, they were all very similar and slightly disappointed they didn’t quite match up to their claims. I still liked them they just didn't have the WOW factor and I was expecting this to be just the same - but as us girls do, we just have to try these things!! Haha.

I'm so glad I did! It has been a real game changer for me, not just with finding the perfect mascara but also inspired me to set up my online boutique.

That was until I tried Lash Construct Mascara! And to be fair, all the Dreamweave mascaras I’ve since tried and now stock in my boutique.

Lash Construct Mascara really does live up to the claims! It IS like nothing else I have tried.

Out of all the Dreamweave mascara products Lash Construct Mascara is my favourite because it’s gentle on my lashes and contains a peptide formula that conditions, nourishes and encourages growth!

It stays in place all day! No smudging and no panda eyes 🐼 and coats each lash individually so they don’t clump together.

Fast forward 8 years I’m STILL using this product! I’m pretty amazed myself after all this time as I’m always trying new products and looking for the next best thing.

I’ve tried many other mascaras during that time, including high end brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, YSL etc and although they gave brilliant looking results I’ve hardly used them as personally I think Dreamweave is better overall especially for its staying power & the benefits of using it. Other mascara looked great initially but within a couple of hours lost its initial oomph and started to smudge.

Lash Construct Mascara is not at all drying on your lashes and I love the silky application. It’s also so easily removed too! Provided you don’t rub your lashes hard it just sort of peels off them when wet with no mess on your skin that you have to wipe off later!

Have you tried Dreamweave mascaras? If so what’s your favourite mascara? 

If not, why not?!! 😝 

If you have any questions about Dreamweave products I am happy to help you just drop me an email here.

Rebecca 💖

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