Magnegenics - Number ! Mascara for lengthening, thickening and defining lashes for a fake lash look!

Wow, wow and wow again!

We received our new stock of Magnegenics a week ago and I've been using every day since it arrived - it is absolutely fab-u-LASH 🙌🏼👏🏼 

I personally think this is Dreamweave's greatest Mascara yet!

It creates a lovely lightweight, long false lash look without the need for false lashes or extensions that can damage your natural lashes over time with regular use! 

Magnegenics Mascara is a silicone based formulation similar to Lash Magnet. It lengthens, thickens and defines your lashes creating a glamorous false lash look similar to the older discontinued Fibregenics Mascara, only better! It does not contain the tiny fibers so it effortlessly glides on and coats your lashes.

Using a new sweeping bristle brush the product sits on the brush rather than in the plastic teeth like Lash Magnet and Lash Construct.

You can create a more thickening and defined look to the lashes, with the mascara being a thicker silicone formulation.

Still no smudge guaranteed! We have tested this out too! It is also very easily removed.




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