Top 10 reasons to our Chamber Made Love Lip Voltage 💄👄⚡️

  1. No needles - it's an alternative to costly & potentially risky cosmetic surgery. If you're a wimp like me & needles terrify you yet you yearn for fuller lips Lip Voltage is definitely for you!
  2. All natural - it naturally increases collagen production in your lips to leave them fuller if used correctly over a 30 day period!
  3. It's the most advanced non surgical lip plumper on the market to date. 
  4. Clinically proven to increase the volume of your lips over time. Lip Voltage works!!! And it's backed by science! 
  5. Instant plumping effects - not only does Lip Voltage work over time it also gives your lips a plumping effect in minutes!
  6. It's safe! Probably the most important reason of all! No risk of infection or botched treatment. It's safe to use on lips with fillers too!
  7. Choose your own settings to create your desired look that's perfect for you.
  8. Not only does it plump your lips it smoothes & hydrates them too leaving them looking plump & juicy!
  9. We are authorised online stockists of Lip Voltage. This is very important as it ensures your product is genuine & safe to use.
  10. It's at the top of every girls wish list and has a huge celebrity following. Geordie Shores Holly Hagen was quoted "found the best lipgloss EVER" and TOWIE's Daniella Armstrong was quoted in an interview saying "few people have asked me if I've had lip, it's all down to Lip Voltage" 

So there you have it! Best of all it's only £18.00!!

Click the informational poster below to order yours today!! 

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