Meet My Gran 👵

Today would have been my Gran’s birthday.

I miss my Gran so much! She sadly passed away 10 years ago after a short battle with lung cancer.

I was so surprised when she left me some inheritance. It wasn’t a huge amount but it would have been a lot to her.

She worked hard and saved all her life along with my grandfather. She was incredibly resourceful and never wasted anything.

I decided I wanted to do something meaningful with the money she gave me rather than just have it sitting in the bank or spend it on something that will just get forgotten about in time like a car or new kitchen etc.

Because she was so incredibly special to me I want to do something in her memory that will make her equally proud of me.

She had no interest in makeup or beauty 💄 but she did love helping others, she was active in her community and was always volunteering to do things as well as tirelessly looking after her mother and husband in their old age.

Meet My Gran - Unique Boutique UK Blog

She would always talk of the countries she wanted to visit and explore. She once came out to visit us in South Africa with my grandfather when we lived there.

We had an amazing time seeing all the sights, even crossing the border into Swaziland (another story in itself 🤯) she loved it especially all the wildlife.

My Gran had a deep passion for animals and nature, regularly donating to the WWF 🐼 I benefited too because she’d always let me have the magazines that she’d subscribed to when she’d finished with them.

She also loved a good party with friends and family as you can see from the photo 😉🍷

She really was an inspiration growing up.

I have so many fond memories of her from my younger years in the UK. We’d cycle for miles through the Fenlands of Cambridgeshire having so many adventures and such great fun. It was so carefree.

It’s partly through her influence I decided that I wanted to help others through UB. I know that she would’ve absolutely loved the idea of supporting good causes and helping others.

I thought I would share some more personal background history on the how’s and why’s of my UB journey.

With love and gratitude 🫶🏼

Rebecca 💖

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